A late goals update.

OK, so clearly I’m still ramping up to the 2 posts a week. I’ve been good about updating on Wednesdays up until this week, though. Moving forward, the plan is to schedule posts for┬áMonday and Thursday mornings. In my defense, I’ve been job-interviewing like a demon. It’s not that I don’t like my current job.… More A late goals update.

On Destino, fleeting romances, and creating change.

Well, this week’s art that grabbed me was definitely, without question, the video collaboration between Salvador Dali and Walt Disney that I just found this week. Everyone who kept this from the world, and especially from me, go sit in the corner and think about your life choices. This shit is amazing. It goes without… More On Destino, fleeting romances, and creating change.

Forever restless.

I came to a conclusion that means I have no alternative but to dramatically change a large amount of the content of this blog going forward: I don’t actually care about fashion anymore. I mean, as an art form, I always will. I will probably always have a fantasy-wardrobe Pinterest board. I still love going… More Forever restless.